Monday, March 31, 2014

Don't let the darkness consume me..

Feeling: somewhat deep..

As of late I've been feeling very negative..kind of like a slow chaotic storm..all in my mind...some people would pay to see me like this..but whatevs..I dont quite care right now..

Normally it takes quite a bit for me to get to this state..and I'm not saying I have every right to act as such..I try to keep these things to a min..but there's some things you can't escape..

I just have to remember..
 That everything happens for a reason.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


On Friday, Isaac and I went to watch Noah...We had allot of time before the Isaac wanted to run some errands. o_____O 

Going to Walmart on a Friday isn't very good! LOL Everybody and their mother's are there! People are crazy trying to run me over or just stop in the middle of the damn aisle! I was getting annoyed but eh! LOL

Then we had more time so we hung out at Starbucks..LOL..oh Starbucks how I love ya! LOL

 We finally go watch the movie at Pearl Highlands. I honestly don't quite care for this movie theater. LOL I dunno how to explain it..I just don't like it. 
So We watched the movie Noah..And I also feeling very mixed about the movie...There were parts of the story I dont think was in the Bible. (I'm not saying which parts..LOL)
I loved the cast though..Its just that I didnt like how they altered the story..but well its about how you sell the story, right? 

Not that much movies I want to see is coming out this week..LOL..But there's a couple of scary movies that will be coming out in April that I do wanna Oculus and The Quiet Ones..and honestly I love scary I'm very excited and hoping they'd scare me! LOL


The song ATM

Lots of Krewella lately..but when I first heard this song through a really stuck with me..cause we are only human. We can only handle so much. Some people can handle a little where as others can handle allot. 

I'm going through some things at the and what not. People dying..people ignoring..people not being there..and how scary it can be to tell someone how you feel and see whats gonna happen next..
But one has to remember that everything happens for a reason..
people are dying everyday..but God will release them from their pain..
people ignoring..they may be going through their own thing..and if they dont care about you..well..time to move on!
people not being there..same thing..people may have their own problems..but if they are doing it on purpose..then they arent your real friends..
The scariness of telling someone how you feel and what the outcome may least you were honest with how you felt..instead of hiding it..everything happens for a reason..if it happens, it happens..if not..then thats least you laid the cards on the table.

 I am only human.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Enjoy the ride~

This song has been on repeat for weeks. LOL Listening to the lyrics..this is how I want to think everyday! 

If nothing comes easy as long as we're breathing
We'll go all the way or go home

'Cause if it's fast or slow
All I really know is I'm gonna enjoy the ride
And if it's hard or soft before we get off
I'm gonna enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride

Cause you should enjoy the ride..called life!

I want to think I cant believe I did or say that instead of I wish I did or say that! Live your life with no regrets!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Beach day with my best Sarah

Feeling: Refreshed 

Honestly with all the chaos going on. It was nice to have a get together with my good best friend Sarah. Its been awhile since we were able to hang out..let alone go to the beach together. 

The last time we went to the beach together was probably last year! We wanted to stick close by since we went later in the day. So Koolina it was! Plus today was a nice day! 

 Its honestly been years since I've been to Koolina..and I kind of remember why..I was slightly thrown off by how there was little to no waves and the water was really cold and super shallow. I normally just walk into the water and dive right in..but here if I did that I would've totally ate some sand! But beach is the beach and I had my best to talk was still a great time!

Sarah and I decided to try this pizza place in the area! It was really yummy..granted one can't quite mess up cheese pizza..( and I've honestly come across some junk cheese pizza believe it or not!) This place was good! I wish we got the garlic knots too but yea..LOL
 We actually ate the whole granted I ate my 4 big problem! But Sarah said to me..She actually was struggling her 3rd and 4th piece..and even after I had enough room to eat an ice cream cone! Now to make matters worse..She's pregnant..5 months along! She said to me " Girl, you just out ate a pregnant lady. I'm impressed!" LOL even after we hung out couple hours after the pizza..I was still hungry. She was like " Girl, I'm still full! How the hell??" LOL 

 What can I say? My mom always told me I've loved pizza since I was in the womb. If the pizza is believe I'm gonna eat it all! LOL Believe it or not I used be able to eat a whole medium sized pizza when I was a teenager!

Today was a great day! It was much needed! I hope this week is better than the last..but always remember smile even when things are falling apart! 

Everything happens for a reason! 


On Friday, Isaac and I watched Divergent. I must say I was a little nervous watching this movie because there was mixed reviews.

But I was pleasantly surprised with the movie..and I'm pretty sure the book is really good. So I'm gonna start reading it. LOL I really liked the concept and well..the mushy gushy-ness! LOL 

 Ohh and the tattoos..although the method made me laugh a bit..but what can I say..I am a sucker for a toned guy and if he has tattoos..oh man..its a plus! LOL 

All in all it was a good movie and a great night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

My kind of music

Feeling: musical! LOL

Its kinda funny how I think the type of music I like..I remember growing up you kinda had to stuck to one type of music. You either liked rock or pop..R&B or classical. I know people have their preferance and stick to them..but for me music can create a mood or it brings back a certain memory. 

The music I have on my ipod totally ranges all over the place from kpop to edm to 80s rock..its all over..

so for experiments sake..I put my ipod on shuffle and will now list..the first 30 songs that come on..LOL

(side note my ipod has 989 songs total...and I'm i search of more music! LOL)

1.One Love- Bob Marley (Reggae)
2.Slow Jams- Kanye West, Twista ft Jamie Foxx (R&B) What the?? LOL Why do I still have this song! LOL
3.You Give Love a Bad Name- Bon jovi (80s rock)
4. Slide- Goo Goo dolls (pop/rock) One of my fave songs because it holds allot
 of good memories for me. 

5. Bartender- T-pain ft. Akon (R&B) 
6. When Can I See You Again- Babyface (R&B)
**Man! Why is it playing all my mushy gushy music?! LOL**
7. Alfie- Lilly Allen (pop)
8. Good to you- 2NE1 (Kpop)
9. Flat top- Goo Goo dolls (rock)
10. Stay the Night- Zedd ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore (edm) I love Hayley Williams! Her voice is amazing!
11. Skin- Rihanna (R&B) 
12.Crooked Smile- J Cole ft. TLC (rap?) LOL
13. Creep- TLC (R&B?) LOL TLC was my fave group growing up! LOL oh the 90's

14. Dammit- Blink-182 (Rock) 
15. Be With Me Tonight- Jay Park (R&B/ pop) He sings Kpop but he also sings english. He's one sexy man! LOL
16.Shining Star- The Manhattans (I dunno what to put this under!) LOL
17. Coming Home- Diddy ft. Skylar Grey (Rap)
18. Go On Girl- Ne-Yo (R&B)
19. Scars- Papa Roach (Rock)
20. Blue- BIGBANG (Kpop) 
 My Fave men of Kpop..esp. Taeyang! ^---^

21.Part Of Your World - Little Mermaid (soundtrack) LOL
22. Baby I love your way- UB40 (Reggae)
23. Come back Home- 2NE1 (Kpop/ Reggae/ edm) This song has all kinds of genre in it..its one of my fave songs atm.
24. Little things- Colbie Caillat (pop) 
25. The Scientist- Coldplay (rock/ pop) 
26. Celui- Colonel Reyel (French reggae/ pop)
27. Find You Panic City remix- Zedd (edm)
28. Dear No One- Tori Kelly (pop)
29. Eyes Wide Shut- JLS ft. Tinnie Tempah (pop/ dance)
30. Come in- The Green ft. Jacob Hemphill (Reggae/ Hawaiian)

oh the assortment of music..LOL 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Well last night Isaac and I went to watch 300: Rise of an Empire..and I honestly had mixed feelings about watching it. I absolutely loved the first one and this one wasn't bad! 

I actually loved a certain character even though she was bad..and she's Artemisia! 

I honestly imagined a pirate queen to be like her..A woman leading in a man's world. Strong, sexy, and vicious. Not to mention I would definitely wear those outfits she wore in the movie! LOL 

She was also quite humorous as well. One of my fave lines is "You fight harder than you fuck." And of course that is to Themistocles. 

 Now this scene of the movie was quite raw and I loved how they were aggressive..Shrug. What can I say? LOL 

She was one badass character. 

After the movies Isaac and I went to DnBs to play games for a bit. I wanted to challenge him to a game. Considering shooting games are one of my faves..I decided for us to play the scary one. Now let me just say yea..we both got scared but talk about making ass of myself! I've played this game couple times before and my heart rate and my score was good..but when I played him, heart rate was all over the place..the score was junk! LOL >_____< sooo sad! 

He then wanted me to play this block game which I suck at..not to mention he was watching closely at me the whole time..I only made 4 blocks! but him..LOL

 He almost made to 6/7! LOL GOSH! Then we went to play a trivia game and again he wins! My to make myself feel better i bought this..LOL

He's so fluffy! I'm gonna die! LOL LOL

It was a good night! There seems to be allot of good movies coming out..I'm waiting for Divergent and Noah..and theres another but yea! 

Until then~

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Ocean is where I belong

Had An awesome beach day with my brother since "someone" did want to accompany me today! LOL LOL just joking..My brother and I been wanting to go..and we lucked out today with such nice weather. 

Waimea beach was the spot and it was nice for a moment when we practically had the beach to ourselves. 

Gotta love my brother..he makes the weirdest faces! We then ate at Lanikai Juice cause man..I've been craving that place and actually eating the Acai bowl there was bomb! The honey, granola, and acai..just yums! LOL

 It was one short and sweet visit to the beach..but it was well worth it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The possibility of moving

feeling: somewhat delayed 

Hmmm..Every time I start to get ready to prep for my move something else comes and makes it a delay..I started my studying for the tests that will get my certificates and to help me become a licensed optician..but I talked to my manager and come to find out..I'll not only need the 2 tests but also 2 years of experience..which means me staying in Hawaii till 2015..and the possibility of my license not transferring or my years of experience isnt making me slightly annoyed..

We shall see..Everything happens for a reason..I'm sure when its my time to go..I'll go..But for now time to focus and study and enjoy my time here..LOL

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

♥ ♥ I love this version..

you could be my it boy
夢見た "it boy"
そばに居て all night long
夢見た "it boy"
you're my biggest hit boy
let me play it loud, let me play it loud like

好きだ...I'm just not saying who..but I'm sure he knows..LOL 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Muddy pillbox hike/ Lanikai Beach

feeling: honestly well rested! :D was one adventurous day. Isaac, and our H.S. classmates Phil, Matthew, and Phil's GF Sam and I went to hike pillboxes in Kailua area. When I woke up this morning it was raining. I was hoping it wouldn't be too rainy since it was also planned to go to the beach. Lets just say that it was rainy all over but altogether it was fun! 

Matthew and Isaac

It got foggy at one point. I've never done this hike before. I've also never hiked in the rain either. So this experience was different but fun. 


 Isaac and I after the beach. He said "North shore got nothing on Lanikai." I
 said "No ways, man. Lanikai got nothing on the North Shore!" lol

We then ate at Kalapawai? I cant remember if that was the name..LOL

Where I had a bagel and the motherload of cream cheese. I had to give some to Isaac. It was too much. Plus this guy wanted to eat a cinnamon roll..which lead him getting a quart of milk. FYI I drank more than half of the carton. LOL I had a bite of the about instant diabetes! LOL We even scraped off most of the icing. 

We then heading back..LOL due to the rain and the clouds the mountains looked like Jurassic Park. 

Then I pass out due to the lack of sleep I had the night before! 
It was one fun adventure. I hope we get to do it again soon!