Wednesday, April 6, 2011

deep thinking before i head to bed..

Feeling: still kinda

Well just got back home from the bar with my friend cencia and my bf chucky..feeling nice..but also deep random..that life is sometimes taken for granted..u gotta appreciate everyday as if its ur last...hmmmm..kinda deep for a buzzed

Until then...
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

thoughts before i go to bed..

feeling: too many thoughts in my mind

i kinda like deep thinking before i head to helps me sometimes create some interesting dreams..LOL

But one of the things on my mind is the recent movie i saw which was Suckerpunch!

In my option it was a pretty good movie..storyline was so-so but i really loved the action..not too mention little bad ass quotes here and there..i really did like Babydoll only because she used her katana almost all the time and then her gun..

i also really loved the music! LOL all in all it was a good movie..hopefully it aids me into some awesome dreams tonight..LOL

"if you dont stand for something, you'd fall for anything"-wiseman..LOL

until then..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

cant seem to sleep

feeling:major insomnia

cant seem to im blogging..LOL..ive been listening to some Bob Marley music..and thanks to my co-worker..ive been loving this one certain Marley song..

its called Waiting in Vain..its a sad song but man i LOVE it! LOL..btw did u know the music was shot in hawaii..i got excited..LOL..

anyways off to try and count my sheep..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my newest tattoo..

feeling: good..LOL

its been awhile since ive blogged..i need to get into the habit of doing it again..since it keeps me somewhat sane..LOL..

anyways! LOL..couple days ago i got another tattoo to add to my small collection..LOL..its one of the more painful ones ive had but its worth it..i absolutely love how it came out..

its one of my quotes ive made old english..apparently old english is gangsta..from what everybody is telling me..LOL..but the meaning of my quote.."Love is Life" is very deep and can be seen in many different love for example can be shown not only mentally but also physically and emotionally in many ways..when you show a person love give you give them life within their hearts..i got it on my ribs because along with love there is also pain..LOL..but i honestly thought that would be a good place to put it..

the tattoo took only bout an hour..which was good cause i didnt take any breaks...might as well go through the pain all at once..LOL..but the aftermath of the tattoo is still tender and still somewhat stings when i turn my body but its healing pretty fast!

all in all..i might get another rib tattoo but not anytime soon..LOL..

until then..