Friday, May 30, 2014

Lantern ceremony 2014

It was honestly my first time going to the lantern ceremony..and it was an awesome idea my dongsaeng had..

(FYI dongsaeng practically means younger brother in korean..and we aren't in any way romantically involved with eachother)

I wanted to put that out seems like people be assuming that he's my bf..LOL..hes my little brother from another mother! LOL 

 It was a great experience! Granted it was very crowded but it was worth it.

The lanterns were so pretty..I wish I could've stayed till the dark..
Can't wait till next week..hehehehe

Sunday, May 25, 2014

turning blond! LOL

This wasn't much of a hair has been all kinds of colors before then..from black to red..even blue..

sorry this is the only pic I could find with my old orange-y blond hair...and so after some got more orange-brown..I wasn't using too much toner in my hair..So my friend told me this lady does great I went over and turned into a leftover! LOL

She then worked her magic..and made my hair look AMAZING! I've never had my hair look so light..I love it!

I'm very tempted to just dye my whole head..I really love the color!

I shouldn't done it sooner!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

song of the day..or well..awhile LOL

This is song has been stuck in my head for a long time..but I love it..

Nothing more than strangers passing by, out on the street
Memories are fading though it's only been a week
All the little things are gone, the things we used to be
Nobody could take us down, there was only you and me


A third time must be the charm for me..but at the same time I must be slightly stupid..or is this the forth time?

Thank goodness I knew your intentions and knew you'd do the same thing yet again to me..

Yet here I am hoping you'd change for the better..but you won't..because you seem too weak for it..

Thank goodness I didn't drop the guy I liked for someone who was "madly in love with me"..I believe you were confused and yet you go back to the same toxic person..believing it'll change..but it won' a moth to a'll get burned in the end..

I keep to my word..especially when I said if you go back..I won't be your friend again.

So here's good-bye..the final time..


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Perfect package????

feeling: Slightly confused

Well..for awhile now..more like for a year now..people have been asking about my love life and when I'm gonna find a BF, Get married, have kids..etc. etc. 

And when I tell them..well..I do like someone and we've been hanging out..its like go ahead and say" WHAT? HE DON'T WANT YOU TO BE HIS GF?? IS HE BLIND??" I just shrug and mumble "ohhh..i dunno...."

Not to mention..a good amount of family, friends alike like to say to me..I'm gonna put it in a list..LOL That:

-You're so beautiful/pretty why can't you find a BF? 
(Cause I'm not looking! gunfunit!)
-You're so mellow and not a jealous girl
-You're fun and you can hang out with the're like a tomboy but you still look like a girl
( me! LOL)
-You have such a great body!
(Thanks! Pizza diet! LOL)

The list can go on..but this girl can't remember all that was said to me..but these are the most..and the whole pretty part..does boost my ego a bit..but makes me question it too! LOL But I tell them..that they just saying that because they're my friends and family..but they apparently speak the truth not trying to make me feel better! LOL

But with that being said I do like someone..and lately I feel like Chuck from Good luck Chuck. Every guy I get involved with..they end up finding the girl they wanna settle down with..after me..LOL 

LOL..but I'll carry on..everything happens for a reason..and here's me with no make up being silly..

Oh yea, girl! thats how you get them! LOL


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beach Beach..from last, last monday! LOL

I've been so busy with this past week..I wasnt able to post up when I went to the beach with Isaac last, last monday..Holy about slacking!

We went to Barber's Point/ White Plains..cause he wanted to surf..I honestly haven't gone to this beach in ages..cause well..for one its out of the way for me (North Shore is super close to me..about 20 mins away) and it's filled with military guys and the beach is kinda ugly! 

But he got to chose plus he said the waves were good..and so we went..LOL

 To be honest..It was very weird for me to watch him surf..(even though he didn't want me to watch him) I'm used to watching my dad surf or boogieboard but I watched for a bit..

So I just tanned and swam as he surfed..just like the seals! Which was pretty cool to see.

 He then made trouble to the birds..and tried to catch them..LOL
It was a good beach day..

I got my days mixed up at first I though it was this past week but then I remembered I went with my friend Sony to Ala Moana Beach last week..and I didnt get to take pics..since it was a short trip..LOL

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Loyalty is rare

I'm noticing a pattern..
In this day and seems to be no surprise that..that in no matter how many relationships..there always is one that might have broken a soul or a trust for anybody else..I personally know at least a handful of my friends who have cheated or been cheated on.


It's hard to find a person in this world..whom you know wont cheat on you. I know I'm not the most innocent but I know my loyalty and if I know I betrayed it in anyway..I'll leave and punish myself..

But believe me when I say I'm a loyal person. It takes a strong person to be loyal and not..lets just say..let an ex..or numerous guys fuck me! I'm a one guy kind of girl..even if I'm just seeing/hanging out/dating/BF&GF you..I'll stay true and wont be with anybody else..and that's honestly my choice..I like you for a reason. LOL THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO CHEAT! 

I remember at one time an ex and his gf at the time was accusing me of wanting to cheat with him while my bf was deployed..a bunch a bull fuckery if you ask me..all I wanted was to be friends at the time..and my bf knew what was going on..and unlike most girls when their other half is deployed..I stayed true and stuck it I said I know my loyalty and I'm not trying to sound like I'm boosting because like I said I, too am not a perfect person. 

SORRY..I just wanted to vent..I feel like these people are damaging great people..who are now too afraid to let someone love them because of a betrayal that happened to them..

LOL Yea..and this hella catchy! LOL

Monday, May 12, 2014

the O-turn

*Looking at the U-turn sign* "Is there such thing as a O-turn?" "Yea...for stupid people!" 

Now every time I see a U-turn sign..I think of one of many strange but funny convos I've had with this certain fellow! LOL

 "Hey! You wanna go somewhere else other than here?" "Like where?" "Hmm..lets go to the beach!" "At night?" LOL

Friday, May 9, 2014

post it notes..from my heart

I did something I don't ever do..I left a post it note hidden amongst the pages of a notebook..
With how confusing you are..
How you're grouchy and then sweet the next..
A post it confession..

I'm taking a chance...will you with me?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not a bad thing...

Today was one eventful day..

It first started out as a normal day..Me hiding that I've been feeling cynical for the past 3 weeks..questioning about life and love..why we have feelings for someone and have the possibility of getting hurt or loved..How many times do we get hurt till we find someone to heal our wounds..

My co-worker and I were talking..she then remembered and said to me " Oh my God. Shana. There's a song that reminded me of you." I asked her what the song was called and then downloaded it right away..figured I'd listen to it later..

After listening and watching the video..It gave me hope..being cynical or jaded is because I started not to believe in love anymore especially in this world we live in..because we all get hurt all in this search for love..but we all deserve's the chance we take in this life..

I may not have a BF and people may have broken my heart many times but if you keep on living and loving..Love will find you..
You just have to have faith..
Because LOVE is LIFE..

And Everything happens for a reason! 

I know people make promises all the time
Then they turn right around and break them
When someone
cuts your heart open with a knife, and you're bleeding
But I could be that guy to heal it over time
And I won’t stop until you believe it
'Cause baby you’re worth it
 No I won’t fill your mind
With broken promises and wasted time
And if you fall, you’ll always land right in these arms
These arms of mine

I always say...

Everything happens for a reason..good or bad..

Life is like the one moment the ocean is calm..then the next..waves bigger than ever can appear..

All you have to learn is to keep on the calm or the waves..