Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Loyalty is rare

I'm noticing a pattern..
In this day and age..it seems to be no surprise that..that in no matter how many relationships..there always is one that might have broken a soul or a trust for anybody else..I personally know at least a handful of my friends who have cheated or been cheated on.


It's hard to find a person in this world..whom you know wont cheat on you. I know I'm not the most innocent but I know my loyalty and if I know I betrayed it in anyway..I'll leave and punish myself..

But believe me when I say I'm a loyal person. It takes a strong person to be loyal and not..lets just say..let an ex..or numerous guys fuck me! I'm a one guy kind of girl..even if I'm just seeing/hanging out/dating/BF&GF you..I'll stay true and wont be with anybody else..and that's honestly my choice..I like you for a reason. LOL THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO CHEAT! 

I remember at one time an ex and his gf at the time was accusing me of wanting to cheat with him while my bf was deployed..a bunch a bull fuckery if you ask me..all I wanted was to be friends at the time..and my bf knew what was going on..and unlike most girls when their other half is deployed..I stayed true and stuck it through..like I said I know my loyalty and I'm not trying to sound like I'm boosting because like I said I, too am not a perfect person. 

SORRY..I just wanted to vent..I feel like these people are damaging great people..who are now too afraid to let someone love them because of a betrayal that happened to them..

LOL Yea..and this song..is hella catchy! LOL

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