Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beach Beach..from last, last monday! LOL

I've been so busy with this past week..I wasnt able to post up when I went to the beach with Isaac last, last monday..Holy about slacking!

We went to Barber's Point/ White Plains..cause he wanted to surf..I honestly haven't gone to this beach in ages..cause well..for one its out of the way for me (North Shore is super close to me..about 20 mins away) and it's filled with military guys and the beach is kinda ugly! 

But he got to chose plus he said the waves were good..and so we went..LOL

 To be honest..It was very weird for me to watch him surf..(even though he didn't want me to watch him) I'm used to watching my dad surf or boogieboard but I watched for a bit..

So I just tanned and swam as he surfed..just like the seals! Which was pretty cool to see.

 He then made trouble to the birds..and tried to catch them..LOL
It was a good beach day..

I got my days mixed up at first I though it was this past week but then I remembered I went with my friend Sony to Ala Moana Beach last week..and I didnt get to take pics..since it was a short trip..LOL

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