Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Perfect package????

feeling: Slightly confused

Well..for awhile now..more like for a year now..people have been asking about my love life and when I'm gonna find a BF, Get married, have kids..etc. etc. 

And when I tell them..well..I do like someone and we've been hanging out..its like go ahead and say" WHAT? HE DON'T WANT YOU TO BE HIS GF?? IS HE BLIND??" I just shrug and mumble "ohhh..i dunno...."

Not to mention..a good amount of family, friends alike like to say to me..I'm gonna put it in a list..LOL That:

-You're so beautiful/pretty why can't you find a BF? 
(Cause I'm not looking! gunfunit!)
-You're so mellow and not a jealous girl
-You're fun and you can hang out with the guys..you're like a tomboy but you still look like a girl
(shrug..beats me! LOL)
-You have such a great body!
(Thanks! Pizza diet! LOL)

The list can go on..but this girl can't remember all that was said to me..but these are the most..and the whole pretty part..does boost my ego a bit..but makes me question it too! LOL But I tell them..that they just saying that because they're my friends and family..but they apparently speak the truth not trying to make me feel better! LOL

But with that being said I do like someone..and lately I feel like Chuck from Good luck Chuck. Every guy I get involved with..they end up finding the girl they wanna settle down with..after me..LOL 

LOL..but I'll carry on..everything happens for a reason..and here's me with no make up being silly..

Oh yea, girl! thats how you get them! LOL


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