Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yummy Food! LOL

Feeling: Craving more of it! LOL

Earlier today my BF and I went to eat dinner. We went to one of my fave places and probably the only place that has great macarons! We went to La Tour! I havent been there for quite awhile due to some health issues but now its better!

Vanilla & Coconut Macarons

 Im sad that they didnt have Strawberry ones. :( Thats my favorite flavor..but Vanilla and Coconut are my next fave flavors..LOL

I ordered my usual which is the Turkey Sun-dried Tomato Panini. It is super yummy! It also comes with a side salad which is much healthier!

Close up
Here's a close up of my sandwich. can see the cheese oozing out. Its making me hungry again. LOL A side note is that this sandwich is a bit messy so grab extra napkins! But all in all..its super yummy!

My BF ordered the Italian Flat bread pizza. Which looked yummy as well esp. with all those veggies. 
 Hope everybody has a good day or night..

Until then..

Outfit of the day

Feeling: Minty LOL

Its very rainy today. But I wanted to wear a nice bright color. So I decided with my Forever21 Mint sweater. I bought it last year and I seriously had no chance (or the guts..its quite bright..but I love the color) in wearing it. I also paired it with my faux leather shorts from H&M.

I also used my fave cross necklace with my many bracelets. LOL Also my Michael Kors watch. 

This is a terrible angle..LOL..but also the sweater is sheer in the back. 

To cover my big butt and to also keep a little warmer..I also wore my cartigan.
A very simple outfit for the day since I was only going out for a short moment..

Until then..

Monday, January 21, 2013

OOTD: Outfit Of The Day!

Feeling: Slightly Chilly

I know i shouldnt be saying this but it has been a bit chilly in Hawaii. LOL Sounds a bit strange considering that its snowing in almost most parts of the world. But to me its chilly. I'll never survive outside Hawaii..but you may never know.

 Today i decided to wear my f21 shorts. I know i said its cold buti wanna some skin! LOL I also wore a  skull and crossbones top my friend bought from H&M. Along with my normal accessories like my cross necklace and my bracelets.

Here's the back of it. You can see my Dragon peeking out. 

Then I layered with a flannel shirt I also got from F21. Very Simple yet a little edgy outfit. 


 Also make up of the day! Sorry the pics are so grainy..Ive been taking pics with my phone. LOL

Until then..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Japanese Foodies!

Feeling: VERY content! LOL 

Just came back from one of my FAVE Japanese restaurants..I havent been there for such a long time. The place is called Kabuki. Its located in the Waimalu Shopping center. I've been coming here since..I was in the womb..literally. LOL 

My Dad's & Brother's Chirashi

I used to come during luch time so I can eat my usual Nori Chazuke. LOL But we went for dinner but still stuck with the Chazuke except with Salmon which was good! 

My salmon Chazuke
I also got my fave temaki! Which i can only get it here..LOL..I've tried everywhere else but they dont make it like Kabuki. Its called softshell crab temaki. Unsure how its really made but man..I CRAVE it! LOL

Softshell crab temaki..YUMMY!
I was having an off today..but going to this restaurant always makes me feel better! 

Until then..

Sunday, January 13, 2013

another tattoo

feeling: unsure..LOL 

Well..its been awhile blog..I haven't been on this puppy for about a year. Sadly I totally forgot about it. I was going through my posts I've put up and noticed that I didn't put up my newest tattoo. LOL Unfortunately its almost a year old but it did take time for it to be complete..and I'm very proud of it.

My Dragon Tattoo
 Its my Dragon tattoo..I got him fully done by March 2012..which was perfect since it was the year of the dragon. I got him because I'm also a dragon and honestly these mythical creatures always fascinated me. 

the beginning
 The outline is always said to be the most painful..and that my friends is VERY true..the artist has to go over the line many times since well..its the outline..I'm amazed I did it cause this is my biggest tattoo to date. Plus parts of the dragon goes near my spine, ribs and kidneys..Major ouchies! >_______<


Shading isnt so bad..its like having your area being dragged against the road..LOL..but still can see that the shading onto more of my spine and ribs and parts of my shoulder as my other pics of him fully done the artist actually extended more of the shading/smoke. Which at times I wanted him to stop..but its all in the name of art..LOL

Taken by: YUKI-CHAN

Here's the dragon in its main color green..coloring isn't bad compared to the outline but its almost close to shading but not as bad. Now you're probably wondering..Doesnt it hurt either way?? Yes it does but after awhile you tend to notice the different degrees of the pain. Especially when you have a large piece or even a small colored piece. Either way you will feel a difference.


yea..from my phone/FB LOL
Here's another pic of the process..I had to go about 4 or 5 times cause well..I can only handle so much pain..and since this was such a big piece..the biggest piece ive ever done..I had to go numerous times..Plus it was recommended to go in sessions because the skin has to cant go over shading and then might have a bigger chance if ink bleeding all in the all that pain..its shocks the skin.

All in all. To each his own. I got these tattoos because i love having art on me where ever i may go. Many people have their views on tattoos. Yea they do hurt and they are permanent..but all the more reason to really think if you want that tattoo or not.

To be honest I didn't plan for my dragon to be so big..but i wouldn't have it any other way. I wanted him small cause I wouldn't think I could handle the pain but deep in mind i wanted him big! LOL when I told the artist what I wanted and then he drew it out large..I thought we go! Go big or go home..LOL..In some but not all aspects.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's been awhile...

Feeling: nostalgic

Hello! Hello! Its been awhile blog. I havent used this in so long. I've forgetten how to use it.
I've also made an instagram account awhile ago..

if you wanna follow until then!