Sunday, January 27, 2013

Outfit of the day

Feeling: Minty LOL

Its very rainy today. But I wanted to wear a nice bright color. So I decided with my Forever21 Mint sweater. I bought it last year and I seriously had no chance (or the guts..its quite bright..but I love the color) in wearing it. I also paired it with my faux leather shorts from H&M.

I also used my fave cross necklace with my many bracelets. LOL Also my Michael Kors watch. 

This is a terrible angle..LOL..but also the sweater is sheer in the back. 

To cover my big butt and to also keep a little warmer..I also wore my cartigan.
A very simple outfit for the day since I was only going out for a short moment..

Until then..

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