Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yummy Food! LOL

Feeling: Craving more of it! LOL

Earlier today my BF and I went to eat dinner. We went to one of my fave places and probably the only place that has great macarons! We went to La Tour! I havent been there for quite awhile due to some health issues but now its better!

Vanilla & Coconut Macarons

 Im sad that they didnt have Strawberry ones. :( Thats my favorite flavor..but Vanilla and Coconut are my next fave flavors..LOL

I ordered my usual which is the Turkey Sun-dried Tomato Panini. It is super yummy! It also comes with a side salad which is much healthier!

Close up
Here's a close up of my sandwich. can see the cheese oozing out. Its making me hungry again. LOL A side note is that this sandwich is a bit messy so grab extra napkins! But all in all..its super yummy!

My BF ordered the Italian Flat bread pizza. Which looked yummy as well esp. with all those veggies. 
 Hope everybody has a good day or night..

Until then..


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