Monday, January 21, 2013

OOTD: Outfit Of The Day!

Feeling: Slightly Chilly

I know i shouldnt be saying this but it has been a bit chilly in Hawaii. LOL Sounds a bit strange considering that its snowing in almost most parts of the world. But to me its chilly. I'll never survive outside Hawaii..but you may never know.

 Today i decided to wear my f21 shorts. I know i said its cold buti wanna some skin! LOL I also wore a  skull and crossbones top my friend bought from H&M. Along with my normal accessories like my cross necklace and my bracelets.

Here's the back of it. You can see my Dragon peeking out. 

Then I layered with a flannel shirt I also got from F21. Very Simple yet a little edgy outfit. 


 Also make up of the day! Sorry the pics are so grainy..Ive been taking pics with my phone. LOL

Until then..

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