Monday, March 24, 2014

Beach day with my best Sarah

Feeling: Refreshed 

Honestly with all the chaos going on. It was nice to have a get together with my good best friend Sarah. Its been awhile since we were able to hang out..let alone go to the beach together. 

The last time we went to the beach together was probably last year! We wanted to stick close by since we went later in the day. So Koolina it was! Plus today was a nice day! 

 Its honestly been years since I've been to Koolina..and I kind of remember why..I was slightly thrown off by how there was little to no waves and the water was really cold and super shallow. I normally just walk into the water and dive right in..but here if I did that I would've totally ate some sand! But beach is the beach and I had my best to talk was still a great time!

Sarah and I decided to try this pizza place in the area! It was really yummy..granted one can't quite mess up cheese pizza..( and I've honestly come across some junk cheese pizza believe it or not!) This place was good! I wish we got the garlic knots too but yea..LOL
 We actually ate the whole granted I ate my 4 big problem! But Sarah said to me..She actually was struggling her 3rd and 4th piece..and even after I had enough room to eat an ice cream cone! Now to make matters worse..She's pregnant..5 months along! She said to me " Girl, you just out ate a pregnant lady. I'm impressed!" LOL even after we hung out couple hours after the pizza..I was still hungry. She was like " Girl, I'm still full! How the hell??" LOL 

 What can I say? My mom always told me I've loved pizza since I was in the womb. If the pizza is believe I'm gonna eat it all! LOL Believe it or not I used be able to eat a whole medium sized pizza when I was a teenager!

Today was a great day! It was much needed! I hope this week is better than the last..but always remember smile even when things are falling apart! 

Everything happens for a reason! 

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