Sunday, March 30, 2014


On Friday, Isaac and I went to watch Noah...We had allot of time before the Isaac wanted to run some errands. o_____O 

Going to Walmart on a Friday isn't very good! LOL Everybody and their mother's are there! People are crazy trying to run me over or just stop in the middle of the damn aisle! I was getting annoyed but eh! LOL

Then we had more time so we hung out at Starbucks..LOL..oh Starbucks how I love ya! LOL

 We finally go watch the movie at Pearl Highlands. I honestly don't quite care for this movie theater. LOL I dunno how to explain it..I just don't like it. 
So We watched the movie Noah..And I also feeling very mixed about the movie...There were parts of the story I dont think was in the Bible. (I'm not saying which parts..LOL)
I loved the cast though..Its just that I didnt like how they altered the story..but well its about how you sell the story, right? 

Not that much movies I want to see is coming out this week..LOL..But there's a couple of scary movies that will be coming out in April that I do wanna Oculus and The Quiet Ones..and honestly I love scary I'm very excited and hoping they'd scare me! LOL


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