Monday, March 17, 2014

My kind of music

Feeling: musical! LOL

Its kinda funny how I think the type of music I like..I remember growing up you kinda had to stuck to one type of music. You either liked rock or pop..R&B or classical. I know people have their preferance and stick to them..but for me music can create a mood or it brings back a certain memory. 

The music I have on my ipod totally ranges all over the place from kpop to edm to 80s rock..its all over..

so for experiments sake..I put my ipod on shuffle and will now list..the first 30 songs that come on..LOL

(side note my ipod has 989 songs total...and I'm i search of more music! LOL)

1.One Love- Bob Marley (Reggae)
2.Slow Jams- Kanye West, Twista ft Jamie Foxx (R&B) What the?? LOL Why do I still have this song! LOL
3.You Give Love a Bad Name- Bon jovi (80s rock)
4. Slide- Goo Goo dolls (pop/rock) One of my fave songs because it holds allot
 of good memories for me. 

5. Bartender- T-pain ft. Akon (R&B) 
6. When Can I See You Again- Babyface (R&B)
**Man! Why is it playing all my mushy gushy music?! LOL**
7. Alfie- Lilly Allen (pop)
8. Good to you- 2NE1 (Kpop)
9. Flat top- Goo Goo dolls (rock)
10. Stay the Night- Zedd ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore (edm) I love Hayley Williams! Her voice is amazing!
11. Skin- Rihanna (R&B) 
12.Crooked Smile- J Cole ft. TLC (rap?) LOL
13. Creep- TLC (R&B?) LOL TLC was my fave group growing up! LOL oh the 90's

14. Dammit- Blink-182 (Rock) 
15. Be With Me Tonight- Jay Park (R&B/ pop) He sings Kpop but he also sings english. He's one sexy man! LOL
16.Shining Star- The Manhattans (I dunno what to put this under!) LOL
17. Coming Home- Diddy ft. Skylar Grey (Rap)
18. Go On Girl- Ne-Yo (R&B)
19. Scars- Papa Roach (Rock)
20. Blue- BIGBANG (Kpop) 
 My Fave men of Kpop..esp. Taeyang! ^---^

21.Part Of Your World - Little Mermaid (soundtrack) LOL
22. Baby I love your way- UB40 (Reggae)
23. Come back Home- 2NE1 (Kpop/ Reggae/ edm) This song has all kinds of genre in it..its one of my fave songs atm.
24. Little things- Colbie Caillat (pop) 
25. The Scientist- Coldplay (rock/ pop) 
26. Celui- Colonel Reyel (French reggae/ pop)
27. Find You Panic City remix- Zedd (edm)
28. Dear No One- Tori Kelly (pop)
29. Eyes Wide Shut- JLS ft. Tinnie Tempah (pop/ dance)
30. Come in- The Green ft. Jacob Hemphill (Reggae/ Hawaiian)

oh the assortment of music..LOL 

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