Saturday, March 15, 2014


Well last night Isaac and I went to watch 300: Rise of an Empire..and I honestly had mixed feelings about watching it. I absolutely loved the first one and this one wasn't bad! 

I actually loved a certain character even though she was bad..and she's Artemisia! 

I honestly imagined a pirate queen to be like her..A woman leading in a man's world. Strong, sexy, and vicious. Not to mention I would definitely wear those outfits she wore in the movie! LOL 

She was also quite humorous as well. One of my fave lines is "You fight harder than you fuck." And of course that is to Themistocles. 

 Now this scene of the movie was quite raw and I loved how they were aggressive..Shrug. What can I say? LOL 

She was one badass character. 

After the movies Isaac and I went to DnBs to play games for a bit. I wanted to challenge him to a game. Considering shooting games are one of my faves..I decided for us to play the scary one. Now let me just say yea..we both got scared but talk about making ass of myself! I've played this game couple times before and my heart rate and my score was good..but when I played him, heart rate was all over the place..the score was junk! LOL >_____< sooo sad! 

He then wanted me to play this block game which I suck at..not to mention he was watching closely at me the whole time..I only made 4 blocks! but him..LOL

 He almost made to 6/7! LOL GOSH! Then we went to play a trivia game and again he wins! My to make myself feel better i bought this..LOL

He's so fluffy! I'm gonna die! LOL LOL

It was a good night! There seems to be allot of good movies coming out..I'm waiting for Divergent and Noah..and theres another but yea! 

Until then~

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