Sunday, March 30, 2014

The song ATM

Lots of Krewella lately..but when I first heard this song through a really stuck with me..cause we are only human. We can only handle so much. Some people can handle a little where as others can handle allot. 

I'm going through some things at the and what not. People dying..people ignoring..people not being there..and how scary it can be to tell someone how you feel and see whats gonna happen next..
But one has to remember that everything happens for a reason..
people are dying everyday..but God will release them from their pain..
people ignoring..they may be going through their own thing..and if they dont care about you..well..time to move on!
people not being there..same thing..people may have their own problems..but if they are doing it on purpose..then they arent your real friends..
The scariness of telling someone how you feel and what the outcome may least you were honest with how you felt..instead of hiding it..everything happens for a reason..if it happens, it happens..if not..then thats least you laid the cards on the table.

 I am only human.

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