Monday, February 10, 2014

The return to the ocean..The pirate queen of the north.

Feeling: In the right place..

Today was an awesome day. It was a much needed day of an adventure. The funny thing is it was a last minute adventure. My friend Cencia wanted to go to the beach early in the morning..and she told me this at 9:30 pm ir maybe it was 10. LOL either way..we both went to sleep late but made an early journey to the north..and when I say early it was 7 am in the morning when she came to get me. 

Our first place (other than 711) was The Birthing stones..

It was a very peaceful place..although the next pics you're gonna see are quite questionable. LOL 

 If you look at all these pics..there's a greenish orb in it. Now at first I thought it was part of my lens from my camera but with the first pic you actually see part of the lens glare but the orb is in it. Also the orb moves.

Now this has given some friends and my family some "chicken-skin" Look at my hand in the first 2 pics ..if you look at the largest and last pic there's something hiding my hand. At first I honestly thought It was the glare but it isnt..but thats up to you to figure out what that could possibly be touching my hand!

We then preceded to 3 tables..North shore

Ohh..the sea how I missed you so!

 My friend Cencia leading the way.

The view

The pirate queen has returned to her domain

Then off we went to a beach in Kahuku..


We then drove back toward Mililani and she bought some coconuts! FYI That's one of my fave drinks..fresh, ice cold coconut water! Its the best and its good for you!

 We then took the scenic route back home..

  and of course we took pics here was well! LOL

Today like I said was a much needed day. The ocean is really calming to me and lets just say I've been needing it but I kept on putting it off. Just to smell the salty air..hear the waves..feel the sand and sea on my skin it brought me back. 

Talking with my friend she was saying..We are water babies..almost everyone who was born here is one.

We are tied to the ocean. Granted one can think that I can go to any beach and feel the same. It's similar but not the same. For example, I took my former friend to Waikiki beach at night. It was fun and somewhat calming. Had the smell of salt, sand and the ocean. Town has nice beaches but my heart, my soul belongs in the North shore. I was raised on the beaches of North shore. It has a different feel for me. 

So with that being said..I'm feeling renewed. 
Clarity. Peaceful and Happy! LOL

-Hard, sharp rocks poke at her feet as she climbs toward the ledge. She smells the salty air and closes her eyes and murmurs " I am home." Hands grasp the wet, cold rock pulling herself up and up to the ledge. She gazes out onto the horizon. A blanket of shades of blue and caps of white. The sounds of waves crashing into the rocks. This is my home. This is my soul. This is my domain. She thought as a smirk shows on her face. She climbs down with grace and walks onto the sand..walking toward the ocean..letting the water raise up to her legs. Touching the water with her finger tips. The sea is calling to her soul. Calming it with each wave that touches her. She grasps a locket she has around her neck. Like a reminder of the hurt and sadness. The reason..this person who gave her the locket. Its the mark of her people. She then lets go..opens her arms to feel the breeze and remembers..She was and still is a strong woman..for she is the Queen of the North. The Pirate Queen of the North-  

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