Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine ♥

Feeling: hmmmm..LOL

Well..Last night was fun! Before the beginning of this month a friend and I agreed we'd be eachother's valentine if we dont have one by then. I honestly thought he was joking with me, but I agreed anyway and figured he'd forget. So the beginning of the week..he contacted me asking if its still on...To be honest it was a nice surprise! LOL

So we decided on movies. We watched Robocop last night. I kinda liked it but I honestly preferred the original version of it. We then ate dinner..then decided to go on an adventure to Waikiki beach..which was fun..we walked to the pier and saw some people catching fish.. 

sorry so blurry LOL

Then I played LOL as he watched me. I kinda wished he'd play but yea. haha..Altogether it was a fun night! ^_______^

Thank you my secret valentine..I'm unsure if he wants to be mentioned but eh..LOL

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