Friday, February 21, 2014

Great beach day!

Feeling: Slightly crisp but it was worth it!

Well yesterday was a good day! Isaac and I went to the beach..which is always the best place to go. So we make our way down to the North Shore! 
I know this road too well.

 LOL..I'm sure if you know me well enough you know where we went! But the plan was to go to a different beach but because it looked so nice. We decided for Waimea..My fave beach

The water was very nice and the reason I got so crisp was because I was so happy that the sun was out for once!

 I was being a bad subject and kept moving around and was taking random candid pictures of him. LOL
 I even took a pic of this random beached man..passed out in the sand. LOL and Isaac taking up most of my towel!

We then headed to Haleiwa to eat at Cholo's. There's no pics due to the fact that we were at Waimea roasting for almost 5 hrs..and He and I was hella hungry! LOL 
But we did make our way to Lanikai juice..Which is always one of the spots I like to stop by when I'm in Haleiwa. I got my Strawberry Shaka..and Isaac got a Traditional Acai Bowl??? I dunno..He said
Traditional thing/ Baby food! LOL

After that our adventure continued with going to a different friend showed me this beach and I wanted to take him there. Granted he grumbled most of the time due to the walking. LOL

 But it was worth it. Sadly the waves were kinda there wasnt much turtles this time around.

 I was being a trouble maker again..LOL

 The scenery was great! We also hanged a bit longer to see part of the sunset..I say part cause we didnt want to walk back in the dark. LOL

 Teaching me the ways of lighting and why it doesnt show how red it was at that moment..

 By the way these pictures were taken with my Samsung note 3! It has one awesome camera. Plus no filter. 

I really loved this beach too! It was nice and quiet and such beautiful scenery..

I really loved that I had all day to go on adventures..Ive been kinda missing those type of days. Quite reminiscent of last summer..where I went on an adventure almost every single day.  

Thanks for coming with me, Isaac! I can't wait to go on an adventure again!

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