Friday, February 7, 2014

stuck in the mud

The girl exclaiming to her close friend "Why is it taking me so long to move on from this friendship? I feel like I'm stuck in the mud..and he somehow got out and walked off..leaving me behind." Her friend sighed and said "It takes time..The only reason he got out was because he had her..his stick to help him out..if you had ** here..he would help you out of the mud." "But I dont want to rely on a stick or anyone to help me out of the mud. I should try to get out myself." the girl said strongly. Her friend laughed and said "Then it goes back takes time. You cant just turn off your feelings. You care too much! You're too good to people who just treat you badly!" The girl sighed..she knew her friend was right. " I know I do. I'd rather give happiness cause thats how I want to fulfill my life. To be there for someone when no one else is. Now, isnt that a true friend?"

"Yes..But you know there's a small path in that get you out..its gonna take time..its gonna be hard..but I'm here to help you."

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