Monday, February 24, 2014

Random Beach visit with the family

feeling: honestly blessed

Just came back from one random visit to the beach. It was so last minute I had just enough time to grab my beach bag..put on my bikini and head out the door! 

My parents had the sudden urge to the to beach and honestly the beach, mainly North Shore has always been in my childhood. Its was almost like every weekend my dad would have us go to the he could surf. LOL That's where my love for the ocean came from.

Also it seems to be a topic of how skinny I've gotten. LOL The funny thing is I didnt realize I was out of shape or I dunno..But what's even more funny is that I've been eating for the past couple months these microwave lunch things..because...well they just happen to have them at my job so I've been eating those..and they're apparently like lean cuisine..LOL Soooo..hey! LOL

P.S. the dark man in the blue shorts is my dad..gonna go boogieboarding.

LOL My dad still got it!

 Taking pictures..requested by my mother because she says I'm better at it. LOL

 Some shells I brother and I looking for some more and the sunset.

Me, My brother, and my mom
We also stopped by Lanikai juice..which was my mom's first time there..She got the Traditional Acai bowl..I think it was the same thing Isaac got..what she said after she took a bite.."Ho! That shit was euphoric, man!" LOL she's so funny! She was raving the whole time bout the honey and whatnot! Too funny!


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