Sunday, February 9, 2014

judge or be judged?

To be honest..

It's an everyday occurrence of judgement between friends, family, and strangers alike. Is it because it's second nature? Or because it could also be a defensive front? Judgement is thrown every where when it shouldnt be..kindness and understanding should! I may not be a perfect person but I do try to keep it a minimum.

I always think who am I to judge? Do I know their walk of life? Do I know their story and how they got here? 

But whose to say everyone is gonna think the same? I know there are people out there who are judging me right now as I write this. But do they know me? Will they give a chance to get to know me? The answer is most likely no. They judge me by how I I past..and possibly my actions yet they dont know who I am. It's like I'm painted as this home wreaking villain when I'm not. All they know is the outward appearance and a "He said, She said" deal. Some people will go along the lines of just hating me because of the past. When we both know the past is well the past..unless of course you keep on living in the past. 

I am a human. Sometimes it bothers me..sometimes it doesnt. But I'm gonna put this out there..a chance if you will..if you want to get to know me..let me prove myself to you..if not..then you can continue judging me and playing ignorant it is all by your choice. I am a woman of my word.

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