Sunday, February 2, 2014

My nephew's first year!

feeling: Man..where does the time pass

Today is not only my late great grandpa's birthday but also my nephew's first birthday.
Its quite amazing how much time passes by. I remember the day my sister told me she was pregnant..and how can I? She told me on my birthday. We even made a bet when he was gonna come out. I said Feb. 2nd..which was my grandpa's birthday..everybody thought it was too early but I said..nope hes coming out that day! LOL

Blaze Satoru Tashima was born..and is a dragon. He's a smart, strong boy and I know he'll lead the world some day!
Blaze only weeks old
It has been such a learning experience. Although I am the eldest and have taken care of my sister and was very different this time around. I truly love him as my own. A son I've never had. Quite honestly he's made me want to have a child even more. I'm sure when the time is right..I'll have my own.

Aunty loves you Blaze! You'll forever have my heart!

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