Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm 26....EDITED 06/15/2014

I'm 26 today and I honestly feel sad..Don't get me wrong..I'm blessed to have awesome people in my life..

 My co-workers surprised me with presents, pizza, party hat, and a cake..They made me feel so loved..but there's only one thing in my mind at the moment..

I should've learned my lesson the last time..when I got my heart broken 2 times since I've turned 25..but I don't..and I'm stupid..I wasn't even asking to have a relationship with this certain guy but I guess I gave that vibe?? Who knows..but he's definitely hurt me more than the other 2 boys..I even gave him souvenirs from my trip to CO..and I came back yesterday..still jet lagged drove to his house last night..and just put it in his mailbox..thinking maybe we'll be able to hang out soon for my birthday tomorrow..I get a message after I leave..also saying thanks..but also saying he's busy this weekend..but that's honestly too selfish for me to expect something out of this guy..

[[EDIT: Man, I must be getting old! 2 guys within this past year..year as in between now and when I turned 25! LOL I was reading this confused..and wondering what I was talking about..

Please keep in mind..I wrote this blog when I was upset..and wasn't thinking too clearly..]]

But that's what has been on my mind..
Yup. 26 years old today. And I'm stupid. I'm stupid! Sorry heart..You're broken again..

  So let's try learn this time seems like you're doing it wrong..

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