Sunday, June 29, 2014

Getting fit

Why hello there! Nothing like talking about getting healthy yet here's a nice ice cream cone! LOL

I've honestly never really wrote a blog about my weight but lately it's been on I've decided to share!

About this time last year..I can honestly say I weighted almost 130 lbs..and I'm not that tall only 5'3..

To be honest..I'm unsure what made me more motivated to work out I guess..i had this pent up emotion after New Years..LOL..In a way it was a good thing..I went down to about 117..Honestly I didn't notice till some friend's pointed it out..I used to work out everyday for 2 hours and I still (I felt) looked the same..that is until I started eating healthier with more veggies and allot less..

To be honest..It's been years since I've had abs..the last time I had them was when I was in H.S. when I used to do ColorGuard and its nice to see it peek out..It's been hard to get them where they are now since abs are made in the gym but shown in the kitchen! It's all in what you eat! Isaac has great abs but it's because he's naturally skinny..which in my eyes are allot to easier get abs..where as for me..cause I'm more fat! LOL I need to watch what I eat in order for them to show (even if its kinda small)! LOL 

The first 2 pics are my progression of my abs..I know it's not much but hey..they're there! LOL..and this pic here is what it looks like now!

Now don't get the wrong idea..of the reason why I started working out..I do like looking nice in a bikini and whatnot..but it's honestly about being healthy..and I have every intention of living as long as I can..but what that being said..I don't always eat like a rabbit..To begin with I'm a picky eater..and I dont eat lots of red meat because since I was small I preferred chicken but man..If you put a pizza in front of me..I will eat it! LOL

With that being said..there's nothing wrong eating what you want but in moderation and not too much sweets or salt..I'm also not saying to follow what I do either! This is my journey to being healthy.

So everyday I TRY to work out at least an hour concentrating on abs, ass, and arms..LOL 3 A's..I mainly drink water..but I do need at least 2 servings of coffee or else I get kinda mean! LOL 

I'm unsure on how to end this blog..other than I'm off to eat pizza..then probably after that..I'm gonna work out


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