Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bed Peace

As I lay in bed slightly awake. Groggy..and pretty pissed..A friend called me early in the morning..awaking me from my slumber..Close to my wits end..the convo ends..and I attempt to go back to sleep..
I toss. I turn..Annoyed even more..I let out a frustrated groan. 


Once I calm down..Take in a deep breath and sighed..I start to think and wonder..Hmm..Why can I sleep? I turn my body to the side.. a slight memory of being in a nest of blanket and pillow..and a strangely super warm body and his arm right above my head..A dark, quiet room..yet a bit of chaos is happening outside of it..A girl singing loudly..roosters aunty yelling at somebody..I smiled..and remembered I've slept so deeply there in that bed..and that's rare! 

"I wish we were able to trade things like sleep! So you can sleep for me..and I can work all day and night.""I wouldn't long as I can sleep in your bed."

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