Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beach day

Feeling: Still Sleepy

Normally Sundays and Mondays are always deemed with such sadness because its the beginning of the work week..but for me..Its kind of like my weekend..I start work Tuesday-Saturday..and sometimes I work on Sundays too because of my other job..but I lucked out this weekend. 

I normally almost always have Mondays off but Mr. Isaac always seems to be working on those days but we lucked out and was able to go to the beach. 
With no surprise we ate pizza for late breakfast/ early lunch. LOL

Of course he's the only guy I know who loves pizza as much as I do! LOL enough to want it first thing right when you wake up! LOL
 We amazingly decided to go to Waimea..My fave beach..plus it was nice and sunny! 

Oh Waimea..How I love you! LOL It was great cause there weren't many people. It was partially cloudy so it meant it wasn't too cold or too hot. 
Of course it goes without saying that I start badgering Isaac with me taking random pics of him! LOL
Its also because he was passed out most of the time and only came into the water with me once! So he's dubbed Mr. Panda..LOL

Plus he also took over the towel again and somehow got sand all over the place...

Of course a trip to the North Shore isn't complete without Lanikai Juice..
 I was too excited about my drink I didnt take a pic of it..but I did take a pic of Isaac's Acai bowl..then took a pic of him cause he grumbled of how I stole his pic..LOL So Isaac and his Acai bowl! LOL 
To top it off we got to see the Lunar eclipse..which was awesome..
It was a great day..I hope I get another beach day soon..You can never have too many of those! LOL

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